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Consultation on new Medway Local Plan - Development Options Posted on 19 Oct 2020

Medway Council is preparing a new Local Plan to provide a framework for the area’s growth over the next 20 years. The aim of the Local Plan is to ensure that Medway grows sustainably, to provide land for the homes, jobs and services that people need, whilst protecting and enhancing the qualities of the area’s environment and heritage. Once adopted, the plan will be used as the basis for making decisions on planning applications.

 The council is consulting on the second formal stage of the Local Plan preparation, which builds on the work carried out in the initial ‘Issues and Options’ stage carried out in early 2016. This is the Development Options consultation. The Development Options consultation document includes a draft vision and strategic objectives for the new Local Plan, options for how growth could take place in Medway, and approaches to developing policies for the new plan.  

Details of the consultation, including the ‘Medway Local Plan 2012-2035 Development Options’ document are available on the council's website at:


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